Hello and a warm welcome to my website. Congratulations, you have taken your first step towards changing your life for the better!

By using Hypnotherapy I may be able to help you overcome many of the problems and anxieties that life throws at you. Just about everyone will wrestle with one or more of these problems but there is no need when hypnotherapy is here to help. There are many issues that may be helped, from stopping smoking, treating fears, stress and anxiety, to IBS. All you need to bring is desire, belief and expectation of success. I am also a trained and experienced practitioner of the LifeMapper© Life Coaching model and can work with you to attain your goals or to take a new positive direction in life.

Hypnotherapy may also help to give you a more positive outlook and approach to life by concentrating and emphasising on the positives rather than the negatives, on what you actually want to achieve. Celebrating what you can and have achieved rather than on any failures you may have had.

But remember
Failure is success if we learn from it
Malcolm S.Forbes

It is very important that you have rapport with whoever you choose as your hypnotherapist so please take your time and look through my pages. If you have any questions at all just contact me and I’ll try to answer them for you. I offer a free initial consultation with no obligation where you can ask questions and we can discuss your needs and requirements, easing any doubts you may have and letting you make an informed choice as to whether you would like to proceed with therapy. Each subsequent session will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Importantly, everything is treated in total confidence as I work within strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the APHP, NCH , CNHC.

James Stobbart DHP(Adv) MAPHP(Acc) MNCH(Reg)
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach



JGS Hypnotherapy


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Some Areas

Here are some of the areas I may be able to help you with ...

There are many other areas that Hypnotherapy may help you with. If your special requirement is not on the list, you are most welcome to call me.

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